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A modern, lightweight, web-based chat client, decentralized using federation and eventually end-to-end encrypted. Design influences from Telegram, but with lots of user feedback.


Try it now

You can try it here, to login you’ll need to register on a Matrix server, like the public servers listed here

get it

You can run it in your browser, hosted locally or somewhere else.
In the future a packaged version will be available, for now you can either:

Get the source from git:
then run npm install to get all the dependencies, and compile with gulp build. You can run the output from the dist folder


How do I help out/speed up development
My time is sadly limited currently, donations help a lot though:
You can also drop by to show your support and interest

Where do I register?
Registration is coming to the client soon(tm), in the meantime, register using Riot on one of the servers listed here

I am missing feature $x
Neo is still in very active development. You can look if your feature is already on the pad, if not: feel free to add it

A webclient? Isn’t javascript really slow/resource intensive?
Neo is really fast, except for occasional network lag.
Just takes another tab in your already running browser, no need for Electron.
I might package it using a rust webview in the future.

How does it work?
Neo runs in your browser. It’s made using react.js, communicating over the Matrix network.

Matrix is an open standard for (Encrypted) Decentralized communication. Find out more at, You can register an account on a so-called homeserver, I’m on as

more information here:

matrix room
telegram channel
features pad

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